The Wheatsheaf Shopping Centre

The Wheatsheaf Shopping Centre opened its doors in 1990, but prior to that the location has always been an important part of Rochdale’s history. Records show that the site was used by many businesses prior to becoming a shopping centre including tea merchants called Tower Place as early as 1885 and dating from 1910 the Wheatsheaf site was a woollen mill, iron foundry and in 1976 The Famous Army stores, Cradock’s footwear, Coombes footwear and the White Lion Hotel, to name a few, were all residents at this site.

The name Wheatsheaf Centre came about because of an area on the site known as the Wheatsheaf Court. The mayor of Rochdale, Councillor Ronald Taylor JP laid a foundation stone on 29 September 1988 and then two years later the Centre was officially opened.

Throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s many changes have happened within the centre from large nationals and unique independent retailers with many more to come as Rochdale town centre enters the latest phase of its own redevelopment.
Our remodel of the Baillie Street entrance is now complete and completely transformed what was considered to be the rear entrance of the centre, into an impressive new structure facing the Metrolink, Bus Interchange and No.1 Riverside Council Offices. It really is an exciting time for the Wheatsheaf and all those involved in the regeneration of Rochdale.